Ukraine deals another blow to Russia as it crosses the front line on the Oskil River

A video allegedly shot from a Ukrainian tank and uploaded to Twitter was geotagged in Kupiansk, on the east bank of the Oskil River.

It showed the city broken and destroyed. On the left of the video footage are the wreckage of two smoldering and apparently abandoned Russian tanks, one painted with the letter Z which has become a Russian pro-war symbol.

Another video of a Ukrainian soldier celebrating the destruction of a Russian armored personnel carrier was also geotagged on the eastern bank of the Oskil River. “Everything will soon be Ukraine,” the soldier says in the video. Russian forces have suffered huge losses since the Kremlin ordered the invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

The Pentagon has estimated that the Russian military suffered at least 75,000 dead or wounded, far more than the Soviet Union’s losses in a decade of fighting in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

Analysts said the Russian military’s rout in the face of the Ukrainian offensive showed it was exhausted, suffering from a breakdown in its command and control structures and poor morale.

And posts on social media app Telegram prove Russian soldiers are struggling to maintain their defense against Ukrainian attacks.

In a leaked conversation on the social media app Telegram and reported by the BBC, a Russian officer apparently told a friend back home that he had lost two more sniper units and the casualties were becoming unsustainable.

“You have no idea how tiring it is to say hello to someone in the morning and then have to identify their remains later in the day,” he said, according to the Telegram post.

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