The volume of mortgage loans in April 2021 was 789.1 million UAH, a third more than in March and 10 times more than in April 2020, when the issuance of new mortgages almost ceased , according to the results of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) survey of banks.
According to the NBU on Wednesday, 997 deals were reached in April, a third more than last month and 7.1 times more than in April of last year.
The NBU noted that in general, in the four months, banks issued 2,808 mortgages totaling UAH 2.2 billion, twice as many in terms of number of agreements and nearly 3 times more in monetary terms compared to the corresponding period last year.
According to the survey, 90% of mortgage contracts in April were concluded with five banks, indicating the concentration of the mortgage market.
The NBU said that in April, the volume of loan issuance for the purchase of primary real estate increased 1.5 times, to 43.2 million UAH, and secondary real estate – by a third , at 168.5 million UAH.
According to the results, the secondary housing market continues to dominate significantly in terms of the number and volume of loans, in particular, the share of mortgage contracts for the purchase of housing in the secondary market in February was around 87% in terms of all new loans.
It is reported that the average amount of a loan for the purchase of housing continues to grow, and in April it amounted to UAH 791 thousand, including the average amount of a new mortgage for the purchase of primary real estate in the reference month amounted to UAH 925,000, and secondary real estate – UAH 771,000.
According to the central bank, in April, the average effective rate on a mortgage in the secondary market fell to 13.5% from 14.0% in March, and in the primary market it remained at around 17.4%. %.


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