Royal Bank of Canada (TSE: RY) price target raised to CA $ 140.00

Royal Bank of Canada (TSE: RY) (NYSE: RY) saw its target price raised by National Bank Financial research analysts to C $ 140.00 in a research report published on Tuesday, Target equity advisor reports. The brokerage currently has an “outperformance” rating on the stocks of the financial services provider. National Bank Financial’s price target suggests a potential increase of 9.95% over the current share price.

Several other analysts have also recently published reports on the stock. Cormark raised its price target for Royal Bank of Canada shares from C $ 130.00 to C $ 136.00 and gave the company a “buy” rating in a report released on Monday, May 31. Basic research took Royal Bank of Canada shares from a ‘custody’ rating to a ‘buy’ rating and raised its price target for the company from C $ 102.97 to 127, CA $ 27 in a research report published on Tuesday, March 2. Canaccord Genuity raised its price target for Royal Bank of Canada shares from C $ 129.50 to C $ 134.50 and gave the company a “buy” rating in a research report on Friday, May 28. CIBC reissued a “neutral” rating and issued a price target of C $ 133.00 for Royal Bank of Canada shares in a research report on Thursday, May 27. Finally, BMO Capital Markets increased its price target for Royal Bank of Canada shares from C $ 131.00 to C $ 139.00 and assigned the company a “market performance” rating in a report of search Friday May 28. Two research analysts rated the stock with a conservation rating and eight issued a buy rating for the company’s stock. The company currently has an average “Buy” rating and a consensus target price of C $ 135.06.

Actions of IS RY traded up C $ 0.92 on Tuesday, reaching C $ 127.33. The company’s shares had a trading volume of 2,308,107 shares, compared to its average volume of 4,414,530. Royal Bank of Canada has a 12-month low of C $ 90.55 and a 12-month high of CA $ 127.71. The stock has a market capitalization of C $ 181.46 billion and a price-to-earnings ratio of 12.94. The company has a 50-day simple moving average of C $ 120.83.

Separately, senior officer Rod Bolger sold 578 shares in a trade on Thursday, April 22. The shares were sold for an average price of C $ 115.40, for a total value of C $ 66,701.20. After the sale closes, the insider now owns 2,051 shares of the company, valued at C $ 236,685.40. In addition, director David Ian Mckay sold 5,322 shares in a trade on Friday March 19. The stock was sold for an average price of C $ 116.39, for a total transaction of C $ 619,429.71. Following the closing of the sale, the Director now directly owns 5,873 shares of the company, valued at approximately C $ 683,560.82. Insiders have sold 17,102 shares of the company valued at $ 2,025,430 in the past ninety days.

About the Royal Bank of Canada

Royal Bank of Canada operates as a diversified financial services company around the world. The Company’s Personal and Commercial Banking segment offers chequing and savings accounts, home equity financing, personal loans, private banking, indirect loans, mutual funds and self-directed brokerage accounts, guaranteed investment certificates, credit cards and payment products and solutions; and loan, leasing, deposit, investment, foreign exchange, cash management, auto dealer financing, commercial products and services to small and medium-sized commercial enterprises.

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