Financial daily dose 8.6.2021 | Headlines: Fears over Delta variants weigh on July jobs report | Robins Kaplan LLP


Employment report again Friday! Here’s what we’re looking for in the numbers, including some thoughts on recent positive trends and how the Delta variant can shake them up – NY Times and WSJ and MarketWatch

Even though this variant pushes back plans to return to the office for large companies across the country (such as Amazon, BlackRock and Wells Fargo), workers who have adopted the remote and hybrid work model fear that they will be left behind in advancement decisions compared to their in-person peers – NY Times

DV also threatens economic recovery in hard-hit parts of the United States – Bloomberg

In an almost unfathomable change just a few short years ago, Exxon Mobil “reportedly considers committing to reducing its net carbon emissions to zero by 2050,” CEO Darren Woods’ latest reaction to investor pressure “for show a bolder path to reduce emissions “- WSJ

The latest on the Fed’s interim steps towards a potential digital dollar – “a digital currency that goes straight back to the central bank rather than the private banking sector” – including some internal differences of opinion that suggest an official position can be difficult to conceive – NY Times and Law360

What Have We Learned About Memes Stocks Over the Past Year? Well, like cryptos, we can count on them to give and withdraw. Thursday saw the latter for Robinhood, as early investors “applied to sell nearly 100 million of their Class A common stock within a week” of the company’s IPO, causing the company to tumble. 28% shares – Bloomberg and WSJ

With the regulatory crackdown by Chinese authorities raging in recent weeks, the Journal takes a step back to examine the background to these market-shaking moves and what more likely lies ahead as the Communist Party clashes with its mighty corporations. local – WSJ [and Marketplace]

An example, you ask? Well, what about Beijing’s new billion dollar penalty on food delivery giant Meituan for “allegedly abusing its dominant market position to the detriment of traders and rivals?” “. Meituan, worth $ 170 billion, is China’s third-largest publicly traded internet company after Tencent and Alibaba, two other targets of the government’s regulatory network. WSJ

It’s not a bad job if you can get it: South Park guys Trey Parker and Matt Stone have signed a staggering new 6-year, $ 900 million contract with ViacomCBS. The deal means the duo will continue to produce new episodes of “South Park” and create several “spinoffs for the company’s Paramount + streaming service” – Bloomberg

I’m more than doing my part, I promise you, but NBC is taking it on the chin so far in Tokyo Games ratings. A 13-16 hour time difference, Covid and more platforms than you can possibly do not help – NY Times

Not serious. Just the ISS that spins, for a while, out of control some 250 miles above Earth. The story of a drama in low Earth orbit at the end of July – Mashable

We’re on the road Monday, so we’ll see you here next Tuesday to kick off the week. Until then, have a nice weekend, get vaxxed and stay safe,



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