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Another day, another de-banking. Imagine a ruthless country where peaceful citizens who fearlessly defend their heritage, families and faith can wake up in the morning and find themselves cut off from all their savings without explanation or recourse. This country is not Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela or Iran.

This country is America in 2021.

On Tuesday, Lauren Witzke, 33, received a terse notice from her bank, Wells Fargo. The available balance on his account was “$ 0.00”. All of his savings of about $ 15,500 had been transferred to “loss prevention.” Was this a case of theft or fraud? Had his account been compromised? Nope.

“When I called, Wells Fargo told me it was a ‘business decision’,” Ms. Witzke said, “and that they have the right to close my account at any time.”

A Wells Fargo representative told Ms Witzke, who works out of state and has no other bank account, that she would be prohibited from collecting her funds at any branch and that they ” would send a check ”. You know how it goes.

Wells Fargo has not responded to my phone messages and email inquiries regarding Ms. Witzke’s case.

Here’s what you need to know about Ms. Witzke.

The 2020 Delaware GOP Senate candidate is an outspoken conservative Christian activist and supporter of former President Donald Trump who peacefully exercised his First Amendment rights during the Capitol rally on January 6. She has not been charged with any crime.

She was, however, suspended on Twitter for peacefully opposing mass migration and violent criminal refugees in Europe. She was banned from the platform completely in March for peacefully voicing her opinion that a transgender activist, who tweeted that little girls were naughty, was “evil.”

She has organized peaceful efforts for the integrity of the elections in Georgia through her work with Hold the Line PAC. She has been a staunch and peaceful defender of the “America First” principles protecting the traditional nuclear family, supporting a moratorium on immigration and fighting against censorship of big technology.

In other words: Lauren Witzke has a big target on her back for threatening the powers that be in big government and big business.

After the January 6 protest, she encountered obstacles to fly unhindered across the country to participate in rallies and political events. It cannot check-in for online flights, is stamped for explosives and is marked “SSSS” (“Secondary Security Screening Selection”) on its tickets. This is a designation made by the Federal Transportation Safety Administration, which maintains a secret list of thousands of US citizens targeted for undisclosed reasons such as “security” threats.

It’s not just about a private bank making the “business decision” to abandon a customer for whatever reason. This is a clear case of coordinated financial censorship and targeting of citizens by large governments and corporations on the basis of their political views.

Pattern recognition is the key. As I have already pointed out in my columns and my latest book, “Open Borders Inc.,” Wall Street is in bed with social justice radicals and deep state bureaucrats who have erected the American version of the system. Chinese social credit in which political dissent is signaled, avoided, punished and eradicated.

Before Ms Witzke came a long line of dissidents and nationalist groups – ranging from Laura Loomer to Faith Goldy to the Proud Boys to Lana Lokteff and Henrik Palmgren to VDARE and Nick Fuentes to Gab founder Andrew Torba – all stranded or excluded from financial entities. ranging from Chase and Barclays to Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, Venmo, Patreon, Stripe and Coinbase.

“The current militarization of corporations and banks against conservatives and Christians is terrifying,” Ms. Witzke told me. “I used Wells Fargo for years, using it as savings when I worked in the ministry. It wasn’t until I had a platform to share my Christian views nationally that Wells Fargo decided to shut down my account. The evil Wells Fargo oligarchs left me, a young woman, with a zero dollar balance, stranded and thousands of miles from my home with no explanation… Christians and Conservatives, get your money out of Wells Fargo, NOW!

Gab’s Andrew Torba, who fought against bank takedowns by four different financial institutions and one credit card company, compared President Joe Biden’s latest campaign of financial terror and blacklisting to an agenda of the Obama era pressuring companies not to do business with legal guns. dealers, coal companies and other politically incorrect enterprises.

“What we are seeing is Operation Choke Point,” Mr Torba said after the announcement of Ms Witzke’s bank termination, “where the federal government … (comes) after political dissidents.”

We went way beyond canceling culture. It’s not just about being silenced. It is about being robbed, bankrupted and destroyed by awakened capital and swamp oppressors. No one is safe.

As Mr. Torba warns, “Today is Lauren; yesterday it was Gab; and tomorrow he can and will be you.

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